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The Company Pippo Perez was born in Florence four years ago from the meeting among Pippo Perez, descendant from a jewelry family whose origins date back to the XV Century, Maurizio Marchi and Michele Capalbo, both deep connoisseurs of the market. The three decided to cooperate and launch a bet in the jewelry sector in order to create precious items not only for grand occasions or to be put away unused in the safety box, but as a daily inseparable companion.

The bet was won thanks to the best shop placing as well as the worldwide customers who confirmed this success.


Pippo Perez
Giuseppe Perez was born in Naples and since he was a child he breaths the air of jewellery, considering his family is known in the jewellery field since XV Century. Thanks to the experience inherited by his father, he stood out among others because of his unique creations which were presented in the most important fairs. Today he designs his jewels branded "Pippo Perez", distributed in the major jewelry stores of the world with Officium.


Maurizio Marchi
Maurizio Marchi made his first moves as sales representative, cooperating for several years with relevant brands in the field and contributing to their growth. He gains a deep knowledge of the best customers all over the world, knowledge that today is put at exclusive disposal of Officium where he heads the commercial area.


Michele Capalbo
Michele Capalbo, accountant doctor, graduated in Economics at the University of Florence, started working as financial director in eminent societies where he enhanced his specific skills which today are at disposal of the society.
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